Welcome to The Archer and Low Fidelity's pandemic pop up, Lo-FI Motor City!! Watch your favorite bartenders and other local nightlife luminaries try to run a pizzeria (from a safe 6ft distance) or order delivery and see who arrives with it  (It's like Cracker Jack prizes or baseball cards, you never know who you'll get!!). We have assembled a rag tag group of staff and furloughed friends to avoid the use of delivery services and give directly to those who have supported us over the years. It's been great to see the top third of your smiling faces (we assume you are smiling because it's pizza and everyone smiles at pizza ....EVERYONE!!). We can't wait until we can all hoist a cocktail together and cheers each and everyone of you, until then please be safe, stay home when possible, and know that we will all get through this. When things are safe The Archer and Low Fidelity will be back open to serve you laughing, pouring drinks and returning to our normal nonsense with an even bigger appreciation for all of you!!! 

Thank you all for your support!!!